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Companies often use consumer-grade messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal to communicate. A company like JPMorgan recently discovered that this strategy could backfire in a costly way. In response to tiktok live studio download for pc its employees using WhatsApp for business-related messages, the company was fined $200 million. Enterprise messaging mobile apps offer some significant advantages over consumer-grade apps or other communication tools like email.

Because DMs align well with our natural behavior: short bursts of ideas and lots of back-and-forth interaction, they are an intuitive mode of communication. Comparing a messenger app to an email is an obvious example tiktok live studio download for pc. Email communications tend to be longer and more drawn out, and emails have no real back-and-forth conversation. Emails don’t align well with the way we interact with others naturally.

Communication is best done in short bursts, in which people share thoughts as soon as they come to mind with many back-and-forth exchanges. Enterprise messaging apps accomplish this exactly, resulting in smoother communications and improved operational efficiency. Think about all the potentially sensitive information communicated across a messaging app, as most consumer-targeted messenger apps do not have the security and encryption businesses require.

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If a competitor or cybercriminal intercepts those messages, the results could be disastrous. Enterprise messaging apps designed with security in mind could result in disaster. Experienced developers can integrate additional security features like geofencing and biometric authentication for companies with high-security requirements. Aside from robust encryption and multi-layer authentication, experienced developers can integrate additional security features such as geofencing and biometric authentication.

When using a consumer messaging app for both work and personal communications, it’s easy to message the wrong person. We’ve all done it. There’s also the risk of accidental disclosure. To ensure that business-related communications are separated from personal communications, employees need to use a messaging platform different from their communications.

On-duty military personnel was forbidden from using WhatsApp and other messaging apps, including Telegram and Signal, due to accidental disclosures. The decision to ban these mobile apps was largely based on the risk that soldiers would accidentally share sensitive information with their contacts. Most people are shocked to discover that they do not own the data they transmit over a consumer-grade messaging app.

In addition to posing compliance problems, there are also privacy and security concerns. The data sent over direct messages are stored in a secure, private cloud platform. Well-crafted enterprise apps like SayHey Messenger give companies total control and ownership over their data. If the organization wants, potentially sensitive information can always be preserved in a secure, encrypted format, so it remains private and secure for years to come.