Why pentesting essential for your business

While it’s easy to assume that everything will be fine if you have firewalls, antivirus software and other digital security in place, nothing can replace the in-depth analysis of a penetration test. If you’re wondering what it does and why you need one, here are the biggest benefits of penetration testing and why every business should get one done.

You Can Test the Security of Your Systems

Penetration testing is a great way to find vulnerabilities in your systems before they are exploited by an attacker. A penetration test can be carried out by professionals with the necessary skills or by someone on your team who has the time and knowledge to do so. Doing this regularly means that you’re aware of any potential weaknesses and you can fix them as soon as possible. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that no one has exploited these security flaws while you could have done something about it.

You Can Find Vulnerabilities Before They’re Exploited

Many businesses do not carry out penetration tests because they feel it is too expensive or unnecessary. However, there are many benefits to carrying out this process, such as finding vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. With so many cyber-attacks happening in the world today, and more likely to happen in the future, these checks should be taken seriously. If a company doesn’t want their data compromised, it needs to hire an experienced security team that can protect them.

penetration testing

You Can Improve Your Response to Incidents

It is a method of assessing your systems, networks, and applications in order to identify vulnerabilities before someone else finds them. In other words, it is a proactive way to identify security gaps that may otherwise be exploited by cyber-criminals. Some examples of the many benefits of carrying out penetration testing include the following:

1) You can improve your response to incidents;

2) you can protect customer data;

3) you can reduce IT expenses;

4) you can enhance employee morale;

5) you can minimize risks associated with compliance violations.

You Can Demonstrate Due Diligence

Penetration testing is the best way to ensure that your company is taking all necessary steps to protect its data. Having an external and unbiased team test your security can help you identify potential vulnerabilities, and then work with your IT team to fix them. This ensures that your systems are as secure as possible and will reduce the risk of a security breach.

You Can Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Penetration testing can help your company meet regulatory compliance requirements. As more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits, it is not uncommon to see penetration testing as a standard practice in many industries.