Cyber Security: The Importance Of Keeping Documents Safe

Cybersecurity control is the method your company has in place to keep from these threats:

  • data hack
  • dangerous network vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity controls companies’ use, which is meant on detecting and managing any network data threats. CTRL Cyber Security are mechanisms used for cyber attacks and threats solutions:

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Mitigation of cyber attacks and threats

The mechanisms vary from physical controls, such as:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Security guards
  • Technical controls, including:
  • Multi Factor authentication
  • Firewalls

Types of Cybersecurity Controls

To effectively secure the system, it is essential to understand all the different types of cybersecurity controls available and how they are used together that forms comprehensive defense.

  • ACLs (Access Control Lists
  • Firewalls
  • IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems)
  • Cryptographic technologies


Each control will protect against different threats and vulnerabilities, so it is essential to understand their purposes:

  • Firewalls. The firewall is a security system, which helps protect the computer from unauthorized users by keeping internet users from accessing the network. Firewalls are used to keep internet users with no access from connecting to private networks connected to the internet.
  • ACLs. It is an access control list, a set of rules determining who’s allowed to access digital environments. ACLs come in two different types:
    • Filesystem ACLs
    • Application ACLs

Filesystem ACLs filter the access to directories and files, while the network ACLs will restrict traffic flowing the in and out of the network. Each ACL contains the rules determining who’s allowed on accessing particular systems and the privileges they have.

CTRL Cyber Security

  • IDPs (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems). It is network security that measures monitoring the traffic for signs of an attack. If IDPS detects any suspicious activity, it alerts the administrators to investigate and take the right action. IDPS solutions will work by monitoring the traffic for patterns matching the known attacks.
  • Cryptographic technologies. A technique used to protect info from authorized access is called cryptography. The process of transforming readable data into an unreadable format is called encryption, using a key. It makes it uneasy for anyone with no key to decode encrypted information. An authentication will refer to verifying a person or thing that it is supposed to be through:
    • password-based logins
    • biometric identification

How many available controls are in cybersecurity?

Formerly, SANS (Critical Security Controls), now officially called CIS (Critical Security Controls). There are three security implementations are less essential, namely:

  • Physical devices
  • Fixed boundaries
  • Discrete islands

It is reflected in the version 8 through a revised terminology and the grouping of protection, which is resulting in a reduction of the several controls.

Now, if you own a company or any business type that uses a database to store all the confidential files or any software that stores important data or information, you must know the importance of cybersecurity.